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World Security leads with innovative solutions in times of the New Normal

World Security leads with innovative solutions in times of the New Normal

From the time it erupted on the world scene early this year, disrupting our lives at work and home ever since, the COVID-19 pandemic has made people, markets and their livelihoods vulnerable in many ways. Beyond the health hazards and economic downturn, one of the major challenges has been security.

Industries and businesses that are used to managing visible and physical safety risks, now face new challenges beyond occupational health and safety. Rapid responses to the pandemic have left organisations vulnerable to security breaches. Security and risk teams must remain vigilant and focus on strategic areas.

As an integral part of the DP World family, World Security strictly adheres to the pandemic containment guidelines recommended by the Dubai Health Authority and the UAE Government. Today, our job of providing security solutions to the entire range of DP World, UAE Region assets as well as to other leading entities in the UAE has assumed new dimensions.

We find our teams now operating in completely different environments and mindsets. We strive to ensure that our teams work with adequate strength and capacity in order to deliver the peace of mind that customers expect of us. New response protocols are in place to deal with incidents, with upgraded security hardware and tools. Our remote access capabilities are tested constantly in tandem with changes in the security landscape.

We remain engaged with our partners and supply chain to secure relevant data and information as part of our service routines to help mitigate our customers’ own business concerns. Often we work closely with companies that are responsible for protecting the workplace environment from infection. The safety of our employees and our customers is our top priority.

We have accelerated initiatives to optimise our inherently resilient operations to adapt to complex new challenges. One of the most innovative tools now in use is the new Smart Helmet that is helping our security members to work in crowds and at entry and exit points, making contactless tracking of people potentially infected with Covid-19.

World Security is the first security services provider in the UAE to adopt and use the revolutionary KC N901 Smart Helmet, whose functions include efficient temperature recording, rapid face recognition and identity verification, rapid screening of vehicles and passengers, and using thermal imaging that enables the invisible visible, whether indoors or outdoors.

We also recently accelerated the deployment of our fully autonomous surveillance boat to meet the demands of the uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ayoub Al Mulla, COO, World Security

We also recently accelerated the deployment of our fully autonomous surveillance boat to meet the demands of the uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The state-of-the-art boat introduces an extra dimension to World Security’s portfolio of solutions with its remote control capabilities, advanced robotics, surveillance equipment including gimbal stabilised camera with an uninterrupted 360-degree view, and Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) that communicate with the command and control station in real-time.

The new technological tools have firmly established our role as Dubai’s industry leader for security with purpose-built security systems are integral to safeguard our marine assets as well as the valuable properties of our clients.

Our teams collaborate with our customers in a number of ways including holding weekly COVID Awareness Trainings on each customer’s location; fumigation of all staff deployment buses and vehicles, and marine boats; social distancing across entire operations; ensuring HSE compliance including wearing PPEs; inspect rooms, floors and common areas and ensure availability of sanitizers everywhere. Every activity is topped up with reports on compliance status and follow-up action on non-compliance if any.

Wearing face masks, disposable gloves, HAZMAT suits and sanitary supplies are now part of our standard operating procedures (SOP) for all camp, admin and field staff. Experienced security officers visit different sites under their jurisdiction, ensure HSE compliances, raise NC against the violators and in general make sure things are in order.

Our customer-centric services keep us in step with the emerging demands of a transformed post-pandemic world. Covid-19 has shown that we need to adapt and evolve to build more resilient security solutions as we move forward. Our deep-rooted culture of diversity, personal development, and commitment to building partnerships are helping us navigate through the current uncertainties.

Dubai has begun restoring its economic order, as has the UAE as a whole, with a series of measured steps. The challenges of the pandemic will be receding and World Security will continue to be there every step of the way with our customers, providing the world-class security solutions expected of us.

It’s a commitment that has proved resilient for over 16 years since the inception of World Security.

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