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When relocating employees into the UAE, make sure you’re one step ahead!

When relocating employees into the UAE, make sure you’re one step ahead!

Relocating employees can be very costly to any organisation but if the new employee and family don’t settle into their new surroundings, further repatriation costs can occur, which is less than ideal after investing substantial time and money into an international relocation program. Whilst you can’t always prevent certain things from happening, there are steps you can take to ensure the success of the relocation – and guarantee you get it right from the outset!

What Can Your Organisation Provide to Employees to Make a Difference?

Offer a comprehensive support structure

Relocating to a new country often involves many hurdles, particularly when relocating with family in tow. Finding a new home, managing potential cultural and language differences, re-establishing family life, changing office locations, supporting spousal needs; the list of challenges involved in an international relocation is time-consuming, complex and exhausting to think about, let alone experience! Relocating abroad is not only a great opportunity for the executive career progression but is also a lucrative investment for the employer, so it is imperative the assignee feels supported with their move and let’s face it, the more components of the relocation the employee has support with, the happier they are, the quicker they are settled and the sooner they have time to focus on the role they have been relocated to do. In today’s competitive markets, where top talent is difficult to find and retain, it is as vital to give the right message to any prospective employee; providing a comprehensive relocation package is a great way to demonstrate your companies’ culture and values from day one. If your company is not experienced with the practice of onboarding, rather than taking your HR personnel away from their primary focus, a good way to provide these professional services is to hire the services of an expert!

Why use the expertise of a relocation company?

A great deal of strategising an organisation is critical to ensure a successful relocation. A professional and experienced relocation partner will not only manage the relocation comprehensively, they will come with years of extensive knowledge and experience, which is crucial to ensure the program is run seamlessly from start to finish. If you’re looking for a company to partner with in providing efficient and cost-effective relocation solutions to your employees, RelocateMe will deliver expert support, with a personalised approach to relocation.

Below are testimonials of the outstanding services provided by RelocateMe by some of their most trusted clients:

“RelocateMe provide a first class comprehensive relocation service. From the word go they listened carefully to exacting brief, tailored approach/services and shared insights in a polite and helpful manner, I ended up requesting more services, all top value!”

Aved Iqbal, Partner – Consulting Deloitte

“My recruitment agent recommended I turn to RelocateMe for assistance with my family’s move from the UK to Dubai.
Unaware of the complexities involved in relocating to the region, I was a little nervous that I was being upsold services. I realised very quickly that agreeing to work with Victoria was the best decision we had made! Her company found us a home, tackled all governmental procedures, bureaucratic negotiations, made excellent third party recommendations and educated us on best cultural practice in Dubai.
Without RelocateMe, our transfer would have been challenging, frustrating and demoralising. I would recommend that anyone considering a move at least speak with Victoria to understand how she can take the pain out of the process. I know that we will continue to collaborate with RelocateMe, and we cannot recommend them highly enough! In my view, money well spent!”

Susan Creitz, Director of Retail Design & Delivery Majid Al Futtaim

“RelocateMe manage the entirety of L’Oreal’s relocation and tenancy management needs, supporting our employees moving into the UAE and within the region. Since we started using the services of RelocateMe, they have consistently delivered seamless results. Whether assisting our new employees in selecting the right housing and schooling, supporting personnel with tenancy renewals, or meticulously handling payment processes, the team always succeed in maintaining an exceptional level of service, from start to finish. Thank you RelocateMe for your constant support and partnership.”

Jean-Dominique De Ravignan, HR Director L’Oreal Middle East

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