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Tech-Talk: Retail & General Trading

Tech-Talk: Retail & General Trading

In 2019, a more renewed and detailed focus on Innovations and Enhanced Technologies in electronic devices has been a major area of development for market-leading companies. But how are they meeting the challenge of constant advancement in technology? We spoke to five industry experts to find out.

This is a series of articles:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) are evolving but slowly. Even with the access to Big Data, there are still not enough advanced technologies to process this data and, most importantly, make use of it.

I think we are now in an era where we must enhance and accept new technologies. In doing so, we have to accept and listen to our youth as well as those in the industry who are pushing for change. When we first came on the scene with super-capacitor-based energy storage modules, we were rejected a number of times. People told us that there is no way an energy storage device (battery) could charge in 10 seconds. They told us a 45-year life was impossible. Well, we managed to overcome many of those doubters and today we have broken through so many industries.

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Waseem Ashraf Qureshi, CEO and Chairman, Amber and Waseem Industries LLC, WRL Technologies Inc and Kilowatt Labs Inc

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