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Tech-Talk: Petrochemicals

Tech-Talk: Petrochemicals

In 2019, a more renewed and detailed focus on Innovations and Enhanced Technologies in electronic devices has been a major area of development for market-leading companies. But how are they meeting the challenge of constant advancement in technology? We spoke to five industry experts to find out.

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As an industry, we have to understand that nearly 80 per cent of the petrochemical building blocks go into the production of polyolefins in one way or another. With the circular economy debate being at the forefront, advanced analytics and new-age technology will have to come to provide solutions to this paradox. Currently, all the solutions are not scalable or provide an economic sense. We all are looking towards solutions from modern-day technology to get this sorted.

The current trends in the industry are moving away from single-use plastics. We are all on a drive to move away from this, as this is the prime cause for the pollution issues being harvested globally. Over the next decade, I see a cleaner environment and a strong shift towards the circular economy on the petrochemical chain, which will be a win-win to us all.

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Pravesh Jethwani, CEO VeeChem

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