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Tech-Talk: Logistics

Tech-Talk: Logistics

In 2019, a more renewed and detailed focus on Innovations and Enhanced Technologies in electronic devices has been a major area of development for market-leading companies. But how are they meeting the challenge of constant advancement in technology? We spoke to five industry experts to find out.

This is a series of articles:

Digitisation helps to foster efficiency in everyday operations and gives the ability to run cost-saving processes. We foresee digitisation opening new revenue streams and providing access to different business models, e.g. supply chain optimisation and consulting.

There are many exciting trends in the industry, such as Virtual Reality (VR) gamification and the digitisation of freight management. For instance, our in-house VR-forklift training is a great solution to reduce cost and educate our colleagues in warehouses around the globe. Furthermore, the digitisation of freight management enables full visibility of our supply chain and an interference-free purchase order management.

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Big Data and Data Analytics will for certain grow further in popularity over the next years. Besides the analysis of data, it will be crucial for logistics companies to make the right decisions backed on information available. This will optimise supply chain management and benefit the customer.

Thomas Ruelke, Chief Commercial Officer Middle East & Africa

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