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Tech-Talk: Food & Beverages

Tech-Talk: Food & Beverages

In 2019, a more renewed and detailed focus on Innovations and Enhanced Technologies in electronic devices has been a major area of development for market-leading companies. But how are they meeting the challenge of constant advancement in technology? We spoke to five industry experts to find out.

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It is quite challenging to keep up with the “digital revolution”, which seems to be moving at an increasingly fast rate. One of the main challenges that we face is the different pace that we, the manufacturers, our customers and our suppliers are progressing on this path. Being based in Dubai, we source from all over the world and supply to local, regional and global customers. Our customers could be quite advanced in their technology and demand the same from their suppliers, as we do as manufacturers. But our suppliers in other parts of the world are still at a different place in the technology chain. This makes us not able to satisfy our customers’ demand from the beginning until the end, such as with blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology eventually might help us greatly with the food provenance and food sustainability, so that we would consume better with less waste and cost.

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Ananya Narayan, Managing Director, Hunter Foods Limited FZCO

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