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Tata Steel: Capitalising on the power of blockchain to navigate excellence and innovation in the manufacturing sector

Tata Steel: Capitalising on the power of blockchain to navigate excellence and innovation in the manufacturing sector

With a legacy spanning over three decades, Tata Steel has firmly established its presence as one of the leaders in the steel industry, particularly in the Middle East. Based in Jafza, Tata Steel Middle East fosters a seamless blend of business excellence, innovation, and value-added solutions.

In an exclusive conversation with The Zone, Shuja Haque, Regional General Manager, Middle East, Tata Steel, provided insightful details on the company’s rich history of evolution, and commitment to serving the diverse needs of the region.

Under the leadership of Haque, Tata Steel Middle East has carved out a niche across three business verticals:

Mill Sales: Tata Steel offers an array of products manufactured across its mills, stretching from India to Europe. Through its “one-window” approach, the company streamlines customer procurement needs, reaffirming itself as a dependable partner in sourcing quality products.

Decking: Through its state-of-the-art facility in Jafza, the company rolls its own galvanised coils for steel floor and roof decking (ComFlor), offering unparalleled building envelope solutions to the MENA market.

Building Envelope – Cladding: Tata Steel’s cladding division excels in supplying steel cladding products that enhance structures across the region. With a robust global supply chain network and products sourced from UK, Tata Steel ensures that it remains at the forefront of architectural solutions.

A cornerstone of Tata Steel’s success lies in its unwavering dedication to providing superior solutions and uncompromising quality. The company’s products boast a high-quality coating that delivers unparalleled durability and longevity. In comparison to the industry standard coating thickness ranging from 30 to 60 microns, Tata Steel offers pre-painted coils with a coating that can reach an impressive 200 microns. This remarkable distinction translates into products that meet corrosion resistance category of RC5, ensuring they not only endure, but outlast conventional alternatives.

Drawing on a dedicated team of experts, the company offers an array of value-added services, ranging from drafting and design, to supply chain support and financial guidance. These services synergise seamlessly with their product offerings, resulting in a holistic and customer-centric approach.

The company’s strategic decision to operate within Jafza highlights its commitment to efficiency. The proximity to Jebel Ali Port offers logistical advantages, saving costs and ensuring efficient import of raw materials and export of finished products. The free zone further enhances the company’s competitiveness by providing VAT exemptions and potential benefits in light of the forthcoming corporate tax.

As Haque aptly expressed, “We feel nowhere as comfortable as we are here.” This sentiment reflects the company’s deep-rooted affinity for its operational base in Jafza. The tangible impact of this collaboration is visible in the impressive figures that have been achieved by the company. In the span of a few years, Tata Steel’s trade through Jebel Ali has grown to two to three million tons. Once these transformed products are ready for export, nearly 60 per cent of them find their way to various corners of the world.

Tata Steel’s commitment to innovation is most apparent in its pioneering embrace of blockchain technology. In a trailblazing move, Tata Steel executed the first-ever blockchain transaction in the steel industry. This transaction, aimed at simplifying documentation and processes, has the potential to revolutionise the international trade of steel and related products. Through this step, Tata Steel has demonstrated its forward-looking approach to not just steel manufacturing, but also the broader business landscape.

One of the hallmarks of Tata Steel’s operations is its focus on sustainability and value creation beyond conventional metrics. With its rich expertise, the company is involved in designing solutions that minimise the need for secondary steel in building structures. This innovative approach not only reduces costs, but also contributes to environmental safety by decreasing overall resource consumption. These endeavours align seamlessly with the UAE’s commitment to green building practices, as well as the UAE Net Zero by 2050 strategic initiative.

The company’s contributions to the Middle East’s architectural landscape are far-reaching and profound. Behind the scenes of iconic buildings such as Burj Khalifa, metro stations, entertainment zones like IMG Worlds of Adventure, Warner Bros. World, Ferrari World, Museum of the Future, Ain Dubai, and the Sheikh Khalifa Marine Research Centre in Umm Al Quwain, Tata Steel has played a pivotal role. The company’s value-added services, design expertise, and product excellence created a strong foundation for these projects.

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