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Solar for Your Warehouse: Leasing the Sun’s Energy

Solar for Your Warehouse: Leasing the Sun’s Energy

Solar energy and specifically solar leasing are gaining in popularity as an inexpensive and reliable alternative energy source among UAE businesses. Yellow door energy is the leading solar lease provider in the UAE, having signed 100mw of solar projects in the region.

Solar Leasing Defined

A solar lease is a long-term performance-based contract between a lease provider and a building owner, such as a logistics company. Through a solar lease, the logistics company can switch to solar energy, reduce its electricity bills by 10-40 percent, and enhance its sustainability image, all without any capital investment. Yellow Door Energy, the solar lease provider, manages all stages of the solar plant, from financing, engineering, construction and commissioning through operation and maintenance. The logistics company would pay Yellow Door Energy a monthly solar bill once the solar plant starts producing electricity and at the end of the lease would own the solar plant.

Benefits of a Solar Lease

Solar leasing helps qualified Jafza companies switch to clean energy, reduce electricity bills and enhance their sustainability reputation. They can go solar without any capital investment or any solar engineering know-how. This means a logistics company can focus on its core business of delivering products quickly and efficiently while walking the talk of sustainability and enjoying a 10- 40 percent reduction in electricity bills.

Is Solar Leasing for You?

As a Jafza business thinking about solar energy and specifically solar leasing, you need to consider:

How much space do I have?

Yellow Door Energy requires a minimum of 2,000sqm of available space, and this can be on the rooftop of the warehouse, in the parking lot or on the ground.

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How much is my annual energy consumption?

Yellow Door Energy needs the facility to consume a minimum of 400,000kWh per year.

Am I a business with a long-term vision?

Yellow Door Energy exclusively works with customers who have a long-term plan in the UAE and have strong financial standings.

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