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Metis technology to shape future of digital shipping

Metis technology to shape future of digital shipping

METIS Cyberspace Technology and its partners such as Kongsberg Digital are working together to bring the METIS data analysis platform to the market; using which, fleet operators can monitor operations in real time and increase vessel performance whilst reducing emissions and costs.

METIS is a cloud-based data analysis platform which offers real-time vessel monitoring, performance analysis, evaluation, as well as predictive insights for the whole fleet.
The company was founded by seven engineers and scientists in 2016, with a mission to implement solutions that enable smart shipping, and lead the digital transformation of traditional and old-fashioned shipping activities. The industry accounts for the transport of more than 90 per cent of whatever people buy, use, and consume, via over 90,000 cargo vessels worldwide.

“We provide groundbreaking solutions and offer value added services to ship owners and ship management companies,” said Mike Konstantindis, CEO, METIS Cyberspace Technology. “Adaptability and flexibility are extremely essential qualities, not only to survive in difficult and unexpected situations, but also to thrive despite unprecedented times. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on all of us, it would be wrong for us as technology companies to say that during the pandemic, we increased our revenues,” he added.
According to Konstantindis, the architecture of the METIS platform allows clients to integrate data from all available sources. Therefore, clients can select from a wide range of digital ship performance solutions to cater to their specific needs.
With the help of our solutions, our clients can make optimal use of real-time analytics based on Artificial Intelligence, and analyse fuel consumption, hull fouling, emissions, and route costs. In the absence of data from a vessel or other automated equipment, it is impossible to do a proper performance analysis. Therefore, it is extremely essential to have accurate, reliable, and regularly generated data from equipment.

“In a data-driven economy, it’s absolutely essential to have data that is accurate and precise in order to be able to do emissions reporting and measurements,”

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“It is a part of the solution, and without it, targets can’t be accomplished with top-down or fragmentary approaches. So, the actual data-driven measurement, assessment, and corrective actions like fine tunings of the vessel is only possible based on actual data powered by AI in the analysis,” he added.

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