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Jafza: Encouraging businesses to thrive

Jafza: Encouraging businesses to thrive

Jafza is one of the leading sources of FDI inflow into Dubai, accounting for 23.9 per cent of total foreign investment in the emirate. The free zone contributes to 23.8 per cent of Dubai’s GDP and is home to Fortune 500 companies and premier local and international firms from diverse sectors. One of the key pillars in the free zone is the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector that hosts 174 companies from 41 countries.

LIFEPharma – Building a healthier world

Offering a competitive and dynamic ecosystem for businesses, the free zone provides global connectivity, a network of providers for supporting services and a digitally-savvy operational environment built around streamlined processes, all while operating in Dubai, which is a prime market in the region. Leveraging the competencies of the free zone, several companies have their share of success stories to share. Read to know more.

An integrated pharmaceutical company, LIFEPharma’s primary goal is to provide affordable healthcare products to people around the globe. The company is committed to increasing patient access to lower-cost, high-quality medicines in the UAE and global markets like Canada, Australia, the US, the UK, etc. The company has achieved a milestone as the 2nd largest brand in the Canadian market by partnering with a top Canadian pharmaceutical company for the treatment of Neuropathic Pain and Epilepsy and will soon reach a goal of 500 million capsules. This year, they crossed 100 million capsules and are in the process of achieving 300 million capsules by next year.

Being one of the largest local manufacturers, their world-class manufacturing facility is equipped with smart technology and is fully digitally integrated. Its SAP/ERP software are well compliant with US codes of regulations (CFR) in quality control (QC). Their manufacturing practice is accredited by the renowned USFDA, EU GMP, UKMHRA, Australian drug association. The company also follows paperless batch manufacturing process, which has aided in high-speed and high-capacity manufacturing. Each unit of medicine produced through paperless BMP is traceable with a unique coding system, which is fully compliant with local and international regulations.

LIFEPharma’s contribution to the UAE economy has been vital with respect to providing ‘affordability with quality’ resulting in a reduction in insurance costs and building a strong healthcare system, which is also providing financial relief to the local healthcare bodies. With aspirations of being the number one, they have launched a range of products and have plans for promising brands in the pipeline. Even during the global pandemic, LIFEPharma was the only UAE-based manufacturer, producing a critical Covid-19 drug to reduce the burden on exports by minimising delays in shipping In support of the UAE efforts to provide unrestrained donations and charity with regards to healthcare to less privileged individuals in countries like Lebanon, Palestine, and some African countries, as part of their CSR towards the community, they contribute to the country’s initiatives by donating medicines free of cost. In their endeavour to train the future generation, the company regularly provides internship training to students from Sharjah University and Dubai University.

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