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Indoguna Productions: The masters of rich taste halal food products

Indoguna Productions: The masters of rich taste halal food products

Distributing delicious, superior-quality meat and vegan products to the UAE and the wider GCC, Indoguna Productions has become synonymous with ‘quality’ in the F&B industry.

Establishing a brand in the halal meat and vegan products sector is a huge challenge. However, Indoguna Productions opened its facility in Jafza to become one of the most well-known brands for its delectable lines of meat and plant-based products that use the best ingredients and infuse them with the company’s deep-running passion for great food.

The company’s halal food manufacturing plant boasts the highest standards in food hygiene and quality in Jafza. Arnaud Thulliez, CEO, Indoguna Productions, comes from a culinary background, understands what goes into the making of extraordinary food, and has extensive experience with Michelin-Star restaurants and 5-star hotels around the world.

During his exclusive interview with the Zone, Arnaud shared insights into how the company became a fast-growing convenience food producer and distributor in the UAE and beyond.

Attention to detail and dedication to quality

The Carne Meats butchery and charcuterie range of products are handcrafted works of art, known for being exquisite in taste. However, it’s not just the meat that Indoguna Productions is known for, it’s also their vegan and plant-based product line, Arlene, which has won the hearts of people around the world.

“Our products are perfect for all food aficionados, including vegan, vegetarian, as well as meat lovers.” The company is known in the retail industry for going above and beyond to exceed customer expectations. “We like to work closely with our customers, and offer tasting opportunities to clients to ensure that the taste of our products meets their expectations before they make a purchase.”

What makes them different from other food producers is the quality of the raw ingredients used. Their specialty, however, is air-dried meat. The absence of water creates an environment that prevents bacteria from growing, making the meat healthy and delicious to consume.

“The seasoning used to create these masterpieces as well as the equipment is imported from Europe, while our dry meat is produced right here in Dubai. We are 100 per cent halal, ESMA certified, and SFDA-approved.”

Indoguna products aren’t just consumed in the UAE but are also loved by customers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Currently, Indoguna Productions is exploring opportunities to get a stronger foothold in France, Canada, and Australia, where their vegan product line, Arlene, is expected to gain wide appeal.

Sustainable development

Apart from creating exceptional quality products for the F&B industry, the company is doing its part to reduce its carbon footprint. “We have implemented a wastewater treatment plant that allows us to regenerate water and use it to make our facilities greener.” They also use LED lights throughout their factories to reduce power consumption and are installing solar panels to utilize more sustainable means of energy.

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Success in the UAE

“We are extremely passionate about the quality of our food products, and go above and beyond to exceed consumer expectations.”

Today, Indoguna products are being distributed across several retail chains in the UAE including Waitrose, Kibsons, and Spinneys. The company also produces OEM and private labels with several brands in the region to provide innovative solutions that push the entire industry forward.

Despite its exceptional success trajectory, Indoguna Productions continue to create benchmark solutions for the industry. More recently, they have introduced a consultancy program where the company enables clients to build top-rated facilities from the ground up. Through this program, Indoguna helps its clients fulfill the requirements of various local authorities, secure properties, source the right equipment, and supports them throughout the implementation phase. The solution enables customers to go straight to the market with their products and reach profitability faster.

Indoguna Productions is also providing central kitchen solutions to restaurant chains so quality products can be standardised in one facility, and distributed throughout to facilitate the expansion of the group while maintaining quality and consistency in food flavor and standards.

According to Arnaud, the company owes a big part of its success to Jafza. “Being located inside Jafza is one of our biggest benefits. We benefit massively from the access and convenience of being so close to a major port. This enables us to clear containers and export goods efficiently. We receive constant support from the Jafza team that works alongside us to support our growth.”

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