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His Highness Sheikh Mohammed visits Fish Farm LLC in Dubai’s JAFZA

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed visits Fish Farm LLC in Dubai’s JAFZA

Fish Farm LLC rears highly nutritious royal Sea Bream, Sea Bass and Salmon in the UAE, thus supporting the local aquaculture industry and reducing dependency on imported seafood.

First opening its doors for business in 2013, Fish Farm focuses on marine fish breeding and hatchery. It operates out of three dedicated facilities: a caged farming facility in Dibba, Al-Fujairah, a hatchery in Umm al-Quwain, and an inland farming facility in Jafza.

The inland facility at Jafza provides a closed containment system in which the fish breed in a controlled environment. This ensures that the nutritional value, quality and taste of the fish are the very best possible. And by recycling water at regular intervals, the risk of disease is practically eliminated, providing consumers with not only delicious seafood but also total peace of mind.

The Jafza facility, which has 34 tanks, includes four that are used solely for salmon rearing. The tanks, which welcomed 40,000 baby salmon in November 2017, are designed to mimic the salmon’s natural lifecycle: the fish are born in shallow, freshwater rivers, travel toward the coast as they mature, and finally jump into saltwater seas when they are fully grown.

Fish Farm invested in state-of-the-art technology to create artificial habitats for the salmon, from the freshwater ‘river’ tank to the saltwater ‘ocean’, controlling the temperate, tide, salinity and depth. In fact, it is the only salmon breeding system in the world with full environmental control.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, visited Fish Farm LLC in Dubai’s Jebel Ali as part of his effort to encourage domestic food, explaining: “Expanding domestic food production to achieve self-sufficiency is a strategic objective and one of the main pillars of the National Food Security Strategy.

“Food is a strategic commodity, and we look to young Emiratis to propose new ideas and projects to help further enhance food production. We have a clear strategy and sufficient resources to achieve our objectives. We are confident that we can generate practical solutions to achieve self-sufficiency.”

Sheikh Mohammed pointed out that the UAE’s ability to ensure a continuous flow of food supplies during the Covid-19 outbreak showed the resilience of national food security strategies, which made sure that none of its markets witnessed a shortage in food supply.

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Fish Farm’s CEO, Bader bin Mubarak, briefed Sheikh Mohammed on the company’s strategy. He laid out its future expansion plans, principally in the area of cold-water fish, which he envisaged will reduce imports and secure sustainable supplies to local markets.

He also explained why Fish Farm is geographically poised to be one of the world leaders in the fisheries sector, with its superbly organised transportation delivering fish both domestically and internationally, including to merchants, after handling, sorting, storing, and packaging, while ensuring high quality of taste.

The Jafza facility, which has 34 tanks, includes four that are used solely for salmon rearing

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