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Going Forwards, Together. Vinesh Bhimani’s view on trade in Dubai

Going Forwards, Together. Vinesh Bhimani’s view on trade in Dubai

A Pioneer in the Middle East and Managing Director of Kimoha, Vinesh Bhimani has raised the bar in the manufacturing and print industry with Hard Work, Persistence and Commitment. Vinesh shares his thoughts on the Bilateral Trade between India and UAE.

India-UAE bilateral relations are experiencing a golden age, with both countries leaders, traders and investment entities committed to growing the momentum. This has resulted in relations expanding and deepening across a wide range of areas, including two-way investment, infrastructure, energy, human resources, logistics and food processing.

I feel that India and the UAE are in a unique position to take advantage of what is being brought about due to geo-economic changes and new technologies such as AI and blockchain. India has the talent pool and market to use new technologies in a big way. On the other hand, the UAE has the advantage of having the financial resources and quick decision-making, thus allowing it to invest in and use new technologies in trade and manufacturing in a timely manner.

The close relationship between the two countries, in addition to excellent air and sea connectivity, has the ability to drive improved synergies in trade and manufacturing. Moreover, I believe that Jafza, which plays host to so many Indian companies, will play a very important role in this regard.

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I welcome the enlightened policies of the UAE rulers and, in tandem with India’s prudent expertise in many fields, I have no doubt that the UAE-India alliance can be a long-lasting, happy and mutually beneficial one, fuelling growth for these two forward-looking nations across many sectors and industries.

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