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We do have challenges in our supply chain, with many delays in both manufacturing and logistics. This is not just limited to our region or industry but it is a global phenomenon. We have taken steps to increase our stocks and mitigate supplier delays.


Serving the needs of boating enthusiasts since 1995

Well known for distributing an extensive array of a few of the most advanced marine equipment, Exalto Emirates is home to products manufactured by over 100 international organisations. In addition to supplying products across the region through its base in the UAE, Exalto has a dedicated service Centre that pro-
vides installation and troubleshooting support, and also offers technical advice and commissioning services to its customers throughout the region.

During his conversation with The Zone, John Paul, General Manager, Exalto Emirates, spoke in detail about his company’s offerings, their advanced solutions and also the strategy adopted by them to remain at the top.

How had Exalto Emirates managed to maintain its leading position in the market?

Exalto Emirates, we are very focused on the requirements of our customers. We have developed a product portfolio keeping the needs of our clients in mind, and ensure that we provide re- liable support. What truly helps us stand out is the fact that our customers know that they can count on us because of the kind of dedication we have towards our commitments. Moreover, we try and stay ahead of the curve by continuously improving ourselves, the skills of our team, our knowledge, and the support we offer to our customers. We believe that it is all about being smart, but in a way that benefits our clients.

Would you like to provide some details on the kind of equipment you offer to your customers?

Whether you need a windlass, an anchor, a watermaker to provide freshwater during your voyage, electric propulsion systems, marine air conditioners, bow thrusters, underwater lights, or even audio systems, Exalto Emirates is the one-stop-shop for all the equipment a boat owner needs. Our wide range of marine supplies and boat parts includes products from a few of the world’s top brands such as, Vetus, Jl Audio, Torqeedo, Oxe, Hamilton Jet, Bostik, Mastervolt, Maxwell, Marinco, Sea Hawk, etc.

Who is your target audience in the Middle East?

We deal with almost every boat builder, service company, and operator in the region. Our aim has always been to try and establish strong relationships and long-term partnerships with companies in the industry, in order to enable growth of the sector as a whole, and also offer better services and products to our customers.

What kind of innovative solutions have you introduced to the industry?

We have always been at the forefront of facilitating the digital transformation of the sector. From being the first in the industry to bring digital switching into the region, to now becoming a market leader with our C-Zone and Mastervolt monitoring and control solutions, we have definitely come a very long way. But we will not stop at that, we are always on the lookout for new innovations and technologies, so that we can add value to the services we offer to our clients.

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How has Exalto Emirates managed to maintain a distinctive leadership management system?

Maintaining strong leadership is a long process, where we make a lot of mistakes and learn from them. Ever since the company has come under a new ownership in 2009, we have rapidly expanded our range of products and services, and have implemented clear processes into our business so that our team is well aware of what is expected from them. As a team, we focus on our long-term vision and strategy, so that all of us are engaged, and work towards collective progress.

What kind of strategy did you adopt to overcome the challenges faced in terms of e-commerce?

There is definitely a lot of growth opportunity for all of us in terms of e-commerce. Over the last few years, we have seen that online purchasing has become more prominent in the marine industry, and this was certainly accelerated by the pandemic. We launched our e-commerce website three years ago, and are working on long-term improvements. We do have challenges in our supply chain, as there are many delays, in terms of both, manufacturing and logistics. This is not just limited to our region or industry, but is a global phenomenon as well. However, we have taken steps to increase our stocks to mitigate delays caused by the suppliers, and actively identify potential issues that impact our customers to try and find alternate solutions.

Would you like to throw some light on the company’s recent expansions?

Export has always been important for us, but since last year, it has become one of the top three pillars of our long-term growth strategy. We have opened a joint venture in Mumbai, India, with our partner A.S. Moloobhoy, which has been very successful so far. Moreover, we have been currently travelling quite extensively to explore opportunities in other countries as well.

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