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DP World, UAE Region, and Jafza, lead in sustainability and smart trade enablement

DP World, UAE Region, and Jafza, lead in sustainability and smart trade enablement

As part of its commitment to fair trade, and achieving economic and commercial development for a region with more than 3.5 billion users, DP World, UAE Region, and Jafza present a unique model in adopting sustainability in all its commercial and operational activities and businesses. The company leads by example and has contributed significantly to achieve human development, along with economic growth.

For the good of humanity

Sustainability is entrenched in the corporate culture of DP World, UAE Region, and Jafza, through well-established processes and methodologies. The company is inspired by these principles from the great life of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace. Therefore, the company’s strategy was built according to the principle of “people first”, whether it’s an employee, a customer, or a business partner, to reach all members of society.

In light of these principles, social responsibility initiatives were diversified at DP World, UAE Region, and Jafza and were divided into four levels: Internally among employees, within the Jafza community, locally within the country, and globally to serve communities in different countries.

Change starts from within

DP World, UAE Region, and Jafza is an incubator for sustainability initiatives. Some of the key initiatives include the blood donation campaign, participation in the third round of the volunteer relay race “I Deserve Life”, as part of the global initiative organised by Friends Of Cancer Patients in the UAE, in which, DP World, UAE Region, ranked first among the participating entities. Apart from this, DP World focuses on the development of its employees. The #MentorHer initiative was aimed at polishing the skills of women working in the organization.

Serving the community

The second level of social responsibility work for DP World, UAE Region, and Jafza, is targeting the Jafza community, which includes thousands of workers from companies based in Jafza. Since the beginning of the pandemic, DP World has been working tirelessly to support the community. During the month of Ramadan, they launched numerous initiatives.

In terms of providing care to the workers in Jafza companies, several inspection and prevention measures were undertaken, more than 10,000 hygiene kits were distributed to workers, and sterilisation procedures were intensified in nearly 150 buildings of workers’ accommodations and the headquarters of companies operating in Jafza.

The company also donated AED2 million to the “100 Million Meals” campaign, and distributed Ramadan Iftar meals and food supplies to the workers’ accommodation and the operations team in the port, which includes crane operators, supervisors and evening shifts. Nationwide, every day, more than 19,000 Ramadan Iftar meals were provided to the accommodations of labourers. This summed up to more than half a million meals during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The “Give the Gift of Hope” campaign took care of four health cases. In addition, 285 greeting cards were presented to the cleaners working in Jafza.

Supporting the nation

DP World, UAE Region, and Jafza, consider the UAE community as the main supporter for all the success they have achieved. To showcase their appreciation for the nation, they launched a number of initiatives to support citizens in the UAE. The main community engagement partners include Dubai Cares, the UAE Red Crescent, the Community Development Authority, the Dubai Club for People of Determination, Al Jalila Children’s Hospital,

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The Al Noor Rehabilitation Center in Abu Dhabi was supported and assistance was provided to 32 students of determination, and during the Sahem campaign, nearly 1,500 parcels of Ramadan meir were donated to needy families. The Eid and Eid clothing campaign provided greeting cards to approximately 150 orphans. In the Ramadan as part of the “Give and Earn” campaign, 8.25 million steps were donated, in exchange for which sums of money were donated to the needy.

For a sustainable world

Fulfilling the vision of “Ensuring Long-Term Benefits Through Everything We Do”, DP World launched ‘Our World, Our Future’ sustainability strategy guides. It helped the entity work in a responsible way by prioritising sustainability and reducing the negative impact on the people, communities and environment in which they operate.

DP World’s ‘Our World, Our Future’ strategy is split into two components which align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The first, ‘Our World’, focuses on the efforts they are making to operate as a responsible business across seven priority areas, including safety, security, wellbeing, ethics, community engagement, climate change, and people development. It is delivered through ambitious commitments, to be achieved by 2030. The second part of the strategy, ‘Our Future’, looks at the lasting legacy they will leave on the industry and society. It focuses on three areas where they hope to make a difference for future generations: Education, Women and Oceans.

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