DMCC at the heart of the global coffee and tea trade

The DMCC Tea and Coffee Centre in Jebel Ali play a key role in reaffirming the position of Dubai as a leading hub within the global supply chain

It is no secret that Dubai always aims to do things bigger and better – setting an example for the rest of the world. The ambitious plans to continuously expand its coffee and tea commodity sectors is testimony to this.

Today, the UAE is one of the largest re-exporters of tea worldwide, with a global share of approximately 60 per cent – a remarkable feat that was achieved in just a little over a decade. Dubai also retains a leading position as a global coffee trading hub. In fact, the external coffee trade has generated over AED 3.5 billion during the last decade.

The state-of-the-art DMCC Tea Centre and DMCC Coffee Centre in Jebel Ali are at the heart of this success journey, allowing Dubai to remain the trusted partner for the different stakeholders across the global supply chain of these commodities. The centres provide world-class facilities and infrastructure, extensive logistical support and a wide range of services to develop and grow the coffee and tea trade in the region and beyond.

The march to success

Only a few years ago, it has been questioned how Dubai, a city that did not produce a single tea leaf or coffee bean, could become the nerve centre of commodities trade on a global stage.

In 2005, the DMCC Tea Centre was launched with a vision of positioning Dubai as a global leader in the tea industry. A purpose-built facility that provides tea storage, processing, packing, and trading services, alongside networking opportunities between its members., the Centre has become a major player that connects top tea producers in Southeast Asia and Africa with consumers in Europe and the rest of the world.

While it was a long journey to witness the great success it is today, the DMCC Coffee Centre, rose to prominence overnight. Launched in 2019, the Centre is a first-of-its-kind facility in the Middle East, with a capacity to process 20,000 tonnes each green coffee beans per year. The 15,000 m2 temperature-controlled facility provides a wide range of services to the entire coffee value chain, from crop to cup, including inbound/outbound logistics support, warehousing, roasting, packaging and distribution services.

Swift business setup

DMCC, through its integration with Jafza, finds great strength in the exceptional nexus of trade routes that connect with the entire world. It offers an extensive range of business services, access to a growing community of relevant stakeholders and unparalleled networking opportunities for traders and entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses. Companies can store merchandise, meet suppliers and manufacturers and connect with peers while benefitting from cutting-edge solutions and tax-friendly policies.

“Businesses can store merchandise, meet suppliers and manufacturers and connect with peers while BENEFITTING from cutting-edge solutions and tax-friendly policies.”

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Premium member benefits

With a DMCC license, traders and business owners can access the Dubai Trade Portal, the single window solution for cross-border trade. Each and every stakeholder across the supply chain, from farmers and exporters to traders, roasters and retailers, can benefit from access to world-class facilities, a business friendly ecosystem and dynamic community.

“The DMCC Tea and Coffee Centres are always on the lookup to open doors to new trading opportunities through liaising with Dubai Customs to give members access to the latest data and analytics.”

At the heart of re-exports

Owing to its great share of re-exports from a global perspective, it is evident that multinationals, SMEs and entrepreneurs are all provided with a host of opportunities to thrive and succeed by doing business in Dubai. The DMCC Tea and Coffee Centres are always on the lookout to open doors for new trading opportunities by liaising with Dubai Customs to give members access to the latest data and analytics. This helps members seize trading opportunities by getting an accurate, high-level overview of the changing trends within the sector.

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