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Danube Group: A long journey of triumph, innovation and collaboration in Dubai

Danube Group: A long journey of triumph, innovation and collaboration in Dubai

Established in the year 1993, Danube Group has left an indelible mark on the local and global manufacturing sector. Starting as a small trading firm in Deira with eight employees, the company has moved from strength to strength, expanding its foothold in the region and establishing itself as one of the leading building materials companies across the globe. In 2019 alone, the company recorded a turnover of USD 1.3 billion and has been growing ever since.

Danube Group’s narrative unfolds as a tale of the Sajan brothers who melded their skills to lay the foundation for an enterprise that surpasses industry boundaries. Today, boasting a dedicated workforce of nearly 4,500, the group stands as a testament to visionary leadership, resilience, and collaborative synergy.

In an exclusive dialogue with The Zone, Anis Sajan, Group Vice-Chairman, Danube Group, provided insightful details on the company’s journey to success.

Central to this journey is the steadfast support offered by Jafza. Since its inception, the free zone has cemented itself as a catalyst for growth.

Danube’s partnership with the free zone has nurtured an environment in which the group’s growth aspirations have found fertile ground. This collaboration underscores the pivotal role that favourable conditions play in driving enterprise success.

At the core of Danube Group’s affiliation with Jafza lie its seamless operations. This efficiency is exemplified by the group’s capacity to expedite imported goods clearance within 24 hours. With a particular focus on sourcing wood from North America and Canada, as well as other raw products from China, India, and Pakistan, the group’s complex trade activities are supported by the free zone’s robust infrastructure that simplifies the movement of goods and materials across borders.

In Danube Group’s journey, a key chapter revolves around its involvement in iconic projects that have shaped the UAE’s skyline. The group’s products, pivotal to projects like Burj Khalifa, embody a commitment to quality. Such architectural marvels stand tall as a testament to Dubai’s soaring ambitions, while Danube Group’s contribution highlights the industry’s trust in its offerings.

Beyond its commercial endeavours, Danube Group embodies a deep commitment to its workforce. Anis Sajan’s emphasis on considering the group’s employees as part of a larger family showcases the importance of a robust workplace culture. Such an environment fosters loyalty, dedication, and shared success. Even during challenging times, like the COVID-19 pandemic, Danube Group’s dedication to its employees shone through. While many companies downsized, Danube Group grew, and remarkably, ensured that any salary reductions were promptly reimbursed.

Danube Group’s product range encompasses a diverse spectrum of building materials – from steel to wood, sanitary products to electrical components, and hardware to Alucopanel exterior solutions. As a comprehensive provider catering to the varied needs of the real estate sector, Danube Group’s agility and adaptability are evident in its offerings.

Amid the pages of Danube Group’s remarkable journey, a new chapter has been started with the inception of Milano – a brand that has evolved into a global symbol of sophistication and lifestyle. Born within the free zone’s nurturing ecosystem, Milano, a wholly owned entity of Danube Group, made its debut in 2006 and has since established an international presence. Encompassing a diverse portfolio of products, catering to both simplicity and luxury, the entity’s offerings include sanitary products, electrical components, tiles, water purifiers, and hardware, embodying refined living. The entity’s team of experts oversee five divisions and guide 50 showrooms across the Middle East. Supported by over 5,000 distributors worldwide, Milano’s reputation transcends borders, firmly establishing itself as a leading brand in 47 countries.

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