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Cogri – Getting it Right, First Time

Cogri – Getting it Right, First Time

Constructing a High-quality Cold Store Floor for Operating Temperatures Down to -30°c Is Highly Specialised Work; Not Least Because Once the Facility Becomes Operational Any Remedial Work Can Be a Major Hindrance to the Running of the Business as Most Repair Materials Cannot Be Effective Below 5oc. This Means That the Facility Has to Be Put Out of Action and the Temperature Raised for Any Repairs to Be Performed. So It’s Very Beneficial for Companies and Organisations Throughout the Region That Cogri Middle East Puts Total Emphasis on Getting the Floor Right, First Time!

The company knows how best to design out the inherent faults that many designers still implement today

Cogri has come a long way since its first project in the middle east in 1998 and, to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for its construction services, Cogri middle east LLC (CGME) was formed in 2011. A part of the UK based Cogri group, which has 30 years of global experience in the design, construction and upgrading of industrial concrete floors, the company has completed numerous projects across a variety of market sectors, including the vitally important food and beverage sector. Indeed, guaranteeing superior workmanship and a high-value solution every time, CGME has become the ‘go-to’ contractor for discerning clients who can’t afford to compromise.

Reducing Disruption

In a part of the world where cold storage and distribution is essential but costly (due to energy costs), CGME has a wealth of experience and knowledge, with the ability to minimise any disruptions to clients’ activities.

In 2016, for instance, CGME designed and built a floor slab for Union Properties in its Al Quoz, Dubai facility. The freezer store was constructed within an old existing warehouse, with CGME creating a sub-slab on which the insulation was placed, and then laid the top slab to the required surface tolerance and finish. This facility remains one of Union Properties’ best freezer stores, with no maintenance issues. In fact, this particular job remains a good reference point for CGME’s capabilities and skill-set.

This level of expertise is fuelled by the fact that CGME repair floors too, and understand the design stages involved with industrial floor construction. Consequently, the company knows how best to design out the inherent faults that many designers still implement today. Once a food store/ freezer store is operational, the owner/ operator cannot shut the facility down (in part or whole) to have timely and expensive repairs done. This is why CGME prides itself in ‘getting it right, first time’, with a long list of satisfied clients as testament to this.

Avoiding Costly Damage to Goods

When a client has an existing facility and needs floor joints repaired or the flatness upgrading for VNA operation, CGME’s three decades worth of experience in this industry enables it to perform the essential works with minimal inconvenience.

African + Eastern for example, one of the UAE’s two leading beverage importers and retailers, moved into a refurbished facility several years ago. The company had racking installed, but found that when trucks delivered to the site, they were hitting the racking at only a few metres of elevation. CGME laser ground the floor and repaired some problematic joints. The end result was that the client was able to operate its trucks at optimum efficiency and avoid costly damage to goods.

CGME carried out a similar job for Falcon Pack, laser grinding an existing floor slab to VNA tolerance compliance. The client, which manufactures food packaging (foils, bags, cling film, etc.) was delighted with the result and has since awarded the company other work, including floor repairs and wire guidance.

The laser grinding system is a clean, dust- free process that returns the floor back to the client immediately and only occupies one aisle at a time, meaning that usual operations can continue as normal.


CWT-SML, a global 3PL offering a range of storage solutions, including outside container storage, ambient storage and temperature-controlled warehouses had a serious problem several years ago, with CGME coming to the rescue. CGME were called in to repair the wide damaged joints in a floor at CWT’s Jafza South facility, where beverage and luxury items were stored. This drastically lowered the client’s damaged goods inventory, and so had a short return on investment period.

CGME has been active throughout the region, with its reputation for fast, professional and friendly customer service helping it to win many projects through word-of-mouth and return business.

25 years of global experience in the design, construction and upgrading of industrial concrete floors

Back in 2016, CGME was awarded the design and construction contract for a 14,500m2 floor slab for Shahini Distribution (now Etmam Logistics) in Riyadh. The floor was constructed in large panels using steel fibres to provide a ‘jointless’ solution. Then, for the VNA truck safe operation within the aisles, laser grinding was performed. The client was offered all the potential options from the start and opted for the fast-track methodology, meaning they could open for business as early as possible. This project remains a good reference project for CGME and is proof of its commitment to quality and delivering a high standard.

CGME provides optimal solutions across a broad range of scenarios, including performing work in operational freezer stores and overcoming the usual constraints of working in sub-zero temperatures. So whatever the challenge, contact CGME today. You’ll be made very welcome.

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