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Capri-Sun: From great taste to 100% sustainable products

Capri-Sun: From great taste to 100% sustainable products

Started in 1931 by Rudolf Wild in Heidelberg as a company specialising in ingredients for foodstuff that are 100 percent natural, to becoming an iconic and one of the most preferred juice brands across the globe, Capri-Sun has come a long way. Born in Germany as a juice packed in a stand-up pouch in 1969, the then known Capri-Sonne grew in popularity rapidly. From having the King of boxing, Muhammad Ali as its ambassador in 1979, to being awarded as the best new product launch in the United States in 1982, to also being recognised for its unique packaging during the same year, Capri-Sun witnessed international success within two decades of its launch.

However, the rise in success of Capri-Sun did not stop there. It went on to become a market leader in Europe in 1992, and in the USA in 1994, for its flexible packaging and delicious fruity content. Moreover, the pouch was upgraded by the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2010 to be used by astronauts on the International Space Agency, making it one of the few to have achieved this unique feat.

Sustainability is the new buzz word

Despite the unique packaging and the unmatched taste offered by Capri-Sun, what has really kept it ahead of the curve is its approach toward sustainability. As a result of its efforts to minimise harm done to the environment, Capri-Sun’s packaging was recognised as ‘ecologically advantageous,’ by the German Secretary of the Environment, in 2003. Despite being an early bird and frontrunner in the drive towards sustainability, Capri-Sun continued to look for more innovative and efficient ways to minimise impact on the environment. In line with its approach, the company launched paper straws in place of plastic ones in 2020, as the next step in its journey to become 100 percent recyclable. Moreover, the company went on to ensure that its packaging is manufactured with recycled cardboard material, and reduced the usage of materials in the manufacturing of its pouch by 33 percent, resulting in a pouch that weighs five times less than a similar volume PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle. Capri-Sun is a true ambassador of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. In addition to its previous initiatives, the company now aims to manufacture a fully recyclable pouch, made only from recycled materials. Despite the various challenges that come along with the aim of manufacturing a fully recyclable pouch that is lightweight, almost unbreakable, and keeps juices fresh without preservatives, the company aims to have these environment-friendly pouches on shelves by 2025.

Collaborating for a greener planet

In line with its aim of being the most sustainable, all-natural kids drink in the world, Capri-Sun adopted a unique approach towards manufacturing its paper straws. Considering the number of trees that would be chopped for producing the required paper, the company adopted a circular sustainability program to help preserve the planet for future generations. As a result of this program, the company partnered with OneTreePlanted in order to work together and replant the same number of trees that were used for manufacturing the paper straws. Therefore, eradicating the usage of plastic in its products, while also preserving the greenery of the planet.

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Capri-Sun is currently one of the most popular juice brands across the globe and is enjoyed in over 119 countries around the world. With a unique flavour that caters to everyone’s taste, the company pursues the international aim of providing flavours that appeal to the people of each country. As a result of this aim, the company was able to sell 6,000,000,000 pouches of the juice in 2014, and this number continues to grow significantly, the only difference being the fact that it’s done more sustainably now as opposed to before.

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