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Acting Responsibly, Thinking Sustainably

Acting Responsibly, Thinking Sustainably

By encouraging sustainability and social responsibility, DP World, UAE Region is clearly committed to creating optimal circumstances for people to live and work. The reality is that every company, whether it is a micro-business or a large multinational corporation, can take steps to create sustainable, socially responsible environments that contribute to positive workplaces, communities and futures.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS)

A set of 17 desired aims led by the United Nations to help create a better world over the next 15 years. The goals seek to address key social and environmental issues, such as ending poverty and hunger, improving health and education, fighting global warming and protecting oceans and forests.

The SDGs are important to DP World because they fit with its intention to work in a sustainable and responsible way, and particularly with its commitment to Quality Education (SDG 4), Women’s Empowerment (SDG 5), and Ocean Protection (SDG 14). Moreover, DP World and its partners aim to introduce these global goals to children everywhere, with volunteers from each participating entity working together to engage the children and encourage them to adopt and support SDGs. During Q1, two ‘World Largest Lessons’ were organised
at Repton and Raffles International, presented to more than 10 classes and 200+ students, with 50+ volunteering hours.

Sustainability in motion

Sustainability is at the heart of the Scania ethos, as underlined recently when the Italian trade magazine Vado e Torno, in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Milan, awarded the gas-powered Scania L340 the title of ‘Sustainable Distribution Truck of the Year’. The Sustainable Distribution Truck of the Year award is based on sustainability and efficiency, not only with regard to emissions, but also safety, smooth driving, the effects on society and sustainable production.

Sustainability can be seen in action throughout Jafza, with a number of companies launching products and initiatives.

Solar Power, the bright alternative

Apparel Group, taking a big leap towards sustainability, has installed 2 MWp solar power plants at two of its Dubai warehouse facilities in partnership with SirajPower, a leading UAE provider of solar roofs. The two warehouses in Jafza are expected to cover more than 55% of the company’s electricity consumption, saving 2,121 metric tons of CO2 during the first year of operation.

Thinking green, acting green

TryChem aims to achieve continual performance improvements in the key areas of sustainability. With this goal in mind, it implements, establishes, and optimises relevant standards and processes, raises its employees’ awareness accordingly and provides them with further training. The company’s ultimate objective is to develop a ‘Sustainable Procurement Programme’, implement an ‘Energy and CO Efficiency Programme’ and achieve zero accidents and incidents.


DP World, UAE Region encourages employees to contribute time and to become involved in volunteering activities in the communities in which it operates. The benefits of volunteering are numerous, not least gaining new experiences and meet new people, but most importantly of all it’s about ‘making a difference’.

Social outreach

Reaching out to the community is a serious commitment at DP World, UAE Region. As a result, it focuses on building strategic partnerships with community partners to launch initiatives and organise events that have a great impact on people of determination, elderly, children, women, workers and the environment.

Q1 Initiatives at Jafza

Donation drive

Held in collaboration with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) this forward-looking initiative invites employees and customers of DP World, UAE Region to donate blood and support the patients in need.

3 blood donations

149 blood donors

447 beneficiaries

Mothers Day Celebration

Celebrating Mother’s Day with senior Emirati women through participation in a variety of activities and awareness sessions, in partnership with the Community Development Authority.

45 mothers attended

Haq Al Laila Celebrations

A time-honoured celebration marked by UAE families observing the 15th of sha’baan – the eighth month of the Islamic calendar. Emirati children commemorate this day by going around their local neighbourhoods in order to gather sweets, nuts and treats to fill up their tote bags.

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2,500 Haq Al Laila goodies distributed by DP World, UAE Region

Car free day

A government initiative to encourage the use of public transport in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and save the planet.

Over 50 participants took part in this initiative.

DP World Fun Run

In keeping with UAE National Sports Day, employees from DP World, UAE Region and Jafza companies took part in a 3km fun run, with the first 10 home receiving valuable prizes.

Over 500 participants took part in this initiative.

DP World Book Initiative

As part of its efforts to support the UAE’s education system, DP World, UAE Region has launched its first book, the ‘DP World Success Story’, for use in both government and private schools. It provides information on how the global supply chain works and is aimed at students between grades six to ten. Making use of creative storytelling, it relates the tale of Saeed, a young publisher, who manages to ship over five million copies of a book from the UAE to various Arab countries.

In addition to the above, DP World, UAE Region focuses on health, education, social welfare and marine protection.

DP World, UAE Region has embraced the concept of sustainability, making strategic decisions that dramatically reduce its impact on the environment. This is not simply about reducing the amount of waste or using less energy, but is concerned with developing processes that will lead to it becoming completely sustainable in the future.

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